Four ruthless strategies to double your sales

If you want to take your selling profile serious you should read this article.

  1. IMPROVING TRAFFIC: Traffic! Traffic, traffic and more traffic. The importance of traffic cannot be overstated, despite the fact that it has been discussed extensively. You need traffic to generate sales. How do you obtain this, then? I’ll be sharing two strategies that I personally employ to drive traffic to my Gigs4five gigs. A website for your gigs or Gigs4five profile should be made first. Normally, this would be a difficult and taxing task, but thanks to websites like, it is now so simple that even Kyle and Joe can do it. After completing this, you can utilize that platform to promote your gigs on Facebook and other social networks. Because the description box on social networks would not offer you enough space to thoroughly describe your gigs, I prefer to do this rather than giving straight links. Additionally, they could limit the keywords you can use. However, if you had a blog website, not only would you get free Google traffic to your blog, which would then lead to your gigs on Gigs4five, but you would also be able to explain your gigs using images and even add links to past work you’ve done. Second, look up your client on Google. Instead than waiting for them to arrive, go to them. For instance, if you fix WordPress errors, you can find a surprising number of people who require your services by searching Google for “Help Fixing WordPress Error.” Once you locate one, add a link to your Gigs4five proposal or blog post containing the gig and let the person know you can fix it.
  2. BUY YOUR OWN GIGS: This is my personal favourite tip, which I’ve kept a secret for a while but have now decided to share with everyone so that we may all benefit. A positive review of your new gig is a certain technique to convert viewers into customers when you first launch it. Otherwise, everyone keeps waiting for the other to make the first purchase. Nobody hates to waste money, therefore they would wait to purchase a gig until they saw if it received favourable reviews. Create two or three profiles in situations like this, hire your own gigs, and watch the sales come in. Three days after applying this advice, someone made 5 sales. He even had to turn down several because he couldn’t do them all in the anticipated time frame.
  3. CREATE USE A PROFESSIONAL WITH PHOTO: Your profile photo is one of the first things potential clients will see, so you want to make sure it’s a good one. Write an engaging bio. Your bio is another important part of your profile. Highlight your skills. Choose the right category. Offer gig extras. This may appear out of the ordinary, but it is a marketing tactic that, when used effectively, can significantly improve your monthly sales.
  4. ADD MORE GIG-RELATED IMAGES: Some customers might not want to take the time to read your in-depth description of the gig. They are what I refer to as “I purchase what I see clientele.” As a result, you may generate more sales if your gig description includes more enticing photographs. Therefore, be sure to include at least three images with your gig.
  5. OFFER THE RIGHT SERVICES: If, after implementing the aforementioned advice, you are still unable to secure desired gigs, you may not see any revenue. Do not misunderstand; all gigs are sought after, but some are more so than others. Any concert you want to sell should be in the moderate to high demand bracket. Don’t market subpar or cheap gigs.
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