How to create Your gigs

Creating a Gig On Gigs4five

Creating your first gig now that your seller profile has been finished. You must create the gig on a desktop or laptop computer in order to exhibit your services to potential customers. You must fill out the following essential details about your services for each gig.

An outline: 

The overview field is the first one you must complete after clicking “create a new gig.” The following areas require information from you:

  • Gig title: Describe your offerings to potential customers.
  • Category: Choose a category and subcategory that are appropriate for the service you are providing.
  • Service type: Pick the service you want to provide to customers.
  • Concert metadata: Pick features that will set your gig apart.
  • Search tags: Pick terms that will help your gig appear better in customer service searches.
  • Specifications and cost In the description box, give the most detailed, unambiguous explanation of your gig’s requirements. enter the price you wish to charge customers for your gig.
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